Cost estimations are support documents issued during each stage of realization of a given investment. They make is possible to reduce the costs of the project in general, for example –by making amendments during the execution of construction works. Cost estimation also facilitates analyzing financial outcomes of various building-oriented solutions utilized on each phase of construction.

 Our offer includes:

  1. Cost estimations

· Approximate estimations,

· Investment-oriented estimations,

· Offer-oriented estimations,

· Expenditure estimations,

· As-built estimations,

· Additional works and/or amended works cost estimations – mainly issued in the course of realization of the project.

  1. Quantity surveys, as well as survey and project evaluations,
  2. Approximate statements of expenses,
  3. Estimation updates,
  4. Copying the bill of quantities-related data to cost estimation programs,
  5. Calculations and evaluations connected with the project’s cost estimation,
  6. Project optimization (costs reduction) and creation of optional estimations.


 The company specializes in::

     · Indoor systems:

      - Water supply systems,

      - Plumbing system,

      - Ventilation systems,

      - Air conditioning systems,

      - Gas supply systems,

           -  Central heating systems,

           -  Technological heat systems,

      · Outdoor networks:

      - Water supply networks,

      - Plumbing networks,

      - Gas supply networks,

      - Heating networks,

      · District heating substations and boiler-houses;

      · Hydrophore plants and intermediate pumping stations;

      · Water purification plants.